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Just one case of high end plastic and silverware cutlery can make a difference

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What our customers are saying.

  • I will never use 'real' dishes again for a holiday! These stand up to anything, including steak. Instead of running the dishwasher all evening after having 16 for dinner, we just tossed everything away and I was able to enjoy myself with my company instead of cleaning for hours. Honestly, this is the way to go! Granted, it's not the most environmentally supportive means to an end, but if you want to impress and NOT do dishes, these are wonderful!

    Jesse Nenoi
  • My niece recently got married at our family cottage. There were no dishes to rent in the small town and we did not want to use paper plates for the reception. I ordered these and had them delivered to the Hotel where we stayed. They were terrific and looked just beautiful. You can even wash them and use them again.

    Grandma Stevens
  • I bought these for my mother-in-law to use at Thanksgiving and she loved them. Her table looked "elegant" and she even reused a couple of the plates. I would definitely order them again.

    Marsha .L
  • I cannot stress enough how much I love these. They were perfect for my Christmas Party table setting. They fit right in with the design. I will definitely be buying more of these next year.

    Sara Harris
  • I purchased this for my wedding, rather than renting expensive China. I am glad I purchased this. It looks elegant, and it is durable. The forks looked like silver too. Guests were surprised it was plastic, when they picked up the forks. This is a good bargain if you are having a special occasion.

  • Love it- everyone is shocked it's not real silverware. Seems to be sturdier than regular plastic silverware. Used it for a casual all day Christmas open house,and Thanksgiving dinner. Definitely makes clean up easier

    Alisha Taylor