everybody deserve the chance to change the world

Just one case of high end plastic and silverware cutlery can make a difference

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With Every Case You Purchase, Chef Handler Will Help A Child In Need.

High quality disposables provider company with a big mission

Our Mission

ChefHandler is a line that is dedicated to making a difference in the society we live in today. Our team was brought together by a shared passion for change along with an innovative vision for the future of our children. We are very strong believers in the fact that children are the little angels of a country and our future deserves a fighting chance to change this world. We realize that the most effective way to empower our world’s angels to create this change is through education.

This is where we believe you come in!

Awareness starts here and we ask the public to rethink the way they buy daily household items. Just one case of high-end plastic party plates and silverware cutlery can make a difference in a precious life, hence one case, one child. Join the movement, and let’s help empower the world to participate in a global impact.

About Education

Lack of education is a global problem and the number of children and young adolescents not enrolled in school is rising at the same time. According to UIS data for the scool year ending in 2013, 124 million children and young adolescents, rougly between the ages of 6 and 15 years, have either never started school or have dropped out, compared to 122 million in 2011.

The United Nations is expected to adopt a new set of Sustainable Development Goals that will call for universal primary and secondary education. This is where we believe ChefHandler can help make an impact. The international community must dramatically increase aid to education for countries with the greatest needs.