everybody deserve the chance to change the world

Just one case of high end plastic and silverware cutlery can make a difference

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We believe in a simple model. One case for one child.
You buy, we give.

How Does This Program Work?

Our story starts and ends with you. We provide high-end plastic disposables that consist of plates, silverware and cups. Though all of our products can be bought from here, you will also be able to buy them on Amazon, Ebay and Jet.com.

Once an individual buys a case, the proceeds from it will then be sent to our non-profit partners abroad that will cover the cost of a child’s education for around a month.

We currently aim to target extremely deprived communities looking to eventually expand into the world. With every case bought, you will also automatically enroll yourself into a raffle where we will choose a certain handful of individuals to participate on a missionary trip wth the One Case One Child team.

Enjoy your next outing, party, or celebration knowing that you have helped a child somewhere in this world secure their future.

Meet Some of Our Chuldren

All of the children we support come from various backgrounds with numerous different stories. All the children are underprivileged angels who have a strong passion to learn and grow, but are hindered by their surroundings. Some children come with stories of abuse and starvation, while others have been abandoned by their family members. Though each child holds a different story of pain, betrayal and struggle, each child also has the strength, devotion and courage to dream large.