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Why Eco-Friendly Dinnerware and Sustainable Living?

As a family-owned company, we pride ourselves at Chef Handler on our persistence to use our resources to make good in the world. We focus on our ability to promote “sustainable living” which means we want to bring ease to your household with our disposable products while simultaneously encouraging an environmentally friendly lifestyle that helps the world around you. To be “sustainable” means “to have the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.” We appreciate the world around us and the resources it has given us to thrive and grow, so it’s our duty to protect it and give back.

So how do we accomplish this goal of promoting sustainable living? That starts with you. As consumers of our disposable plastic products, you are the first step to a better earth. What many don’t know is that plastic disposable products are increasingly beneficial to the environment as opposed to its paper competitors. By choosing plastic over paper, you are choosing to save the trees that make our earth so magnificent. Also, plastic disposables mean no dishes to wash after a dinner party, wedding, engagement, etc., which means less water used and a happier earth. Environmentally speaking, plastic disposables are essential to our sustainable mission, and the power is in your hands.

In the past decade, it has become a cultural fad to “go green” and live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. This is for good reason and is not to be ignored. As humans, we are users and abusers of the world around us and it’s time to finally take a stand and protect our environment. Sustainability is balance, something our current environment lacks. If, as consumers, we take the initiative to live not only environmentally friendly but with the environment as our top priority, sustainability can be effectively reached. We should create a world where the environment is sacrificed for us and we don’t sacrifice anything for it. Perfect harmony and balance can be reached with the level of diligence and respect for the environment that we work to reach here at Chef Handler every day.

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