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The Luxury of Disposable Plates, Cups, and Cutlery.

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The luxury of ChefHandler products is the luxury of ease and elegance all in one.

disposable plates

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When one hears the word "disposable" it's understandable to not relate it to words like "fancy" or "high-end," especially when talking about dishware and utensils. Consumers today seem to believe that a world with high-end efficiency doesn't exist, but at ChefHandler it does. We blend easy-going and good-looking to create a line of elegant, high-quality plastic cutlery, disposable plates, and cups that are perfect for impressing guests at your next big gathering.


disposable plates

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Our products feature modern, minimalist designs for an elegant feel perfect for your next big family dinner, corporate event, or even wedding. Our efficient bundle packs also let you get more for your money, with enough plates to serve up to 500 guests. With plastic products comes the luxury of ease, and since all of our products are biodegradable you won't feel bad about throwing it all away (and you'll be saving water!). 


Disposable Cutlery

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Our fine plastic cutlery perfectly compliments our disposable plate sets to polish off the complete dinnerware look. Like the plates, these are disposable to give you the luxury of easy cleanup, while also remaining environmentally friendly and classically elegant in appearance. At ChefHandler we seek to blend convenience and luxury by providing effortlessly refined dishware that compliments the needs of a busy dinner host. Find the beauty and ease iwe know you have been looking for in our disposable tableware.

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