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Sustainability in a Stubborn Era

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At ChefHandler one of our main concerns is encouraging consumers to lead a sustainable lifestyle through popularizing our disposable plastic products.

It seems we live in a stubborn era, though, one that recognizes the decline of our environments well-being but doesn't feel the need to go out of its way to fix it.


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In an article from the end of 2015, the year 2016 was described as "the year consumers stop caring about sustainability." The article confidently states that "when it comes to sustainability, 2016 will be a year of distraction, fear, and disruption. Around the world, a host of economic and political threats – including the refugee crisis, terrorism and teetering markets in Europe and China – will continue to crowd headlines."This incredibly relevant in regards to the upcoming election, as many voters believe environmental issues are being ignored or overshadowed by problems including the economy and international relations.

Photo courtesy of Google.

As a consumer of ChefHandler, you are taking the big step of leading an environmentally friendly life and lifestyle. Our disposable plastic plates, cups, and cutlery are all meant to lessen the usage of paper products and create a happier, healthier world. Regardless of where the skeptics think this year has led us, we can still move forward to achieve sustainability, one Chef Handler product at a time.

Photo courtesy of ChefHandler.


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