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Kitchen Hacks You Wish You Knew Before

Life is busy and every spare minute you can squeeze in the day is valuable.  

These genius ideas will have you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that before?”  Here are some hacks and tricks that will make life a lot easier when it comes to the one room we undeniably spend the most time in: the kitchen.


1.  Use frozen sponges for cheap, convenient lunch box ice packs. 


2. Use cookie cutters to make neat cake decorations, or shaped eggs and pancakes.


3.  Use bread bag clips to label cords.


4.  Freeze fresh herbs in olive oil, then freeze them for a quick, delicious addition to sauces and pastas.



5.  Pit cherries quickly and efficiently using a glass bottle and a firm straw or chopstick.


6.  Or bend the two outside prongs of a fork for an inexpensive homemade cherry pitter.  


7.  Remove the hull from strawberries with a firm straw.



10.  Peel garlic the easy way.


11.  Quickly cut potatoes with an apple slicer.


12.  Clean a crusty microwave with a soaked sponge (and sanitize a sponge this same way).


13.  Keep floss in your kitchen for cutting cakes, soft cheeses, cinnamon rolls, and other soft foods.


14.  Use empty Tic Tac containers for spice storage.

15.  Use a PLASTIC knife to cut brownies neatly without sticking.  Crazy, but it works!

Kitchen hacks


Happy cooking!

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