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4 Ingredients to Brighten Up Your Everyday Meals

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Eating affordably doesn't have to be boring or dull.

At ChefHandler we strive to make your meals both elegant and inexpensive with our affordable plastic products, so we are here to show you today how to do just that with your meals themselves! Here are 7 ingredients you can add to any basic recipe to give it life and that little extra flare we all know it needs:

1. English mustard powder

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This long lasting (when kept cool and dry) powder can be used to add an extra layer of dimension to your savory meals and snacks. Add a pinch of this to oomph up your mashed potatoes, mayonnaise, soups, pie fillings or anything with melted cheese. It’s also great added to sautéed dishes with ingredients like turnips, green beans, broccoli or cauliflower.

2. Lemon Zest

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The most diverse ingredient on the list, lemon zest can add a hint of citrus to sauces, pasta dishes, and even baked goods. It can compliment both salty and sweet dishes while highlighting hidden flavors or standing alone in all its lemony glory.

3. Capers

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A teaspoon of capers here and there can take a dish from bland to special, as long as you rinse them a bit to get rid of excess salt. Great in small amounts to liven up salads and pizza toppings or added to a little oil/melted butter as a garnish for steamed or grilled fish.

4. Rosemary

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Using fresh sprigs or the essential oils of this beautiful herb can add another dimension of flowery freshness and warmth to your dishes. It'll add a rustic feel as an addition to your oven roasted chicken, in an oil spread for your garlic bread, or simply as a garnish on a salad or some fresh ice tea for those still longing for the summer time. 

Hope you enjoy these ingredients in your next meal and happy cooking!

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